1.Welsh Cakes (Traditional)

Price: £10.00


Product Information

 You will recieve 18 delicious traditional Welsh cakes in a special box delivered to your door. 

We will send them by Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery which means they will be delivered 1 - 2 days after they are sent. Alternatively you can order and collect your welshcakes direct from us which is a cheaper option.

Postage will be added at the end of the purchasing process.

These Welsh cakes will keep for up to a week in a air tight tin or can be frozen.

When ordering your Welsh Cakes please note that it should be at least 7 days before your cakes are required not including weekends. No postal deliveries Saturday and Sunday.

If you require a larger amount of  Welsh cakes please ring for a quote - 01597 823234

Cakes can be paid for by Credit/ Debit card as well as Paypal, select paypal at the point of payment you will then be able to choose

NB These cakes contain Wheat Flour, Gluten, Milk, Egg, mixed spice (incl. nutmeg)

Please note: All orders placed will be bound by our terms and conditions - we make the assumption you have read and agreed to these terms at all times.

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